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Explore hormonal disorders we treat and what biodentical hormones we use for it.

Mega Aid BHRT Compounds are used to treat the following conditions:

Unstable mood and hot flashes
This is a condition of women when their menstrual cycles end. Statistically, the average age of menopause in the United States is 51. This condition is diagnosed after 12 months without menstruation. Patients who have their ovaries surgically removed experience sudden surgical menopause.

It is a natural physiological process that occurs, as one ages their reproductive cycle begins to slow down and eventually stops. Patients begins to make less estrogen, a hormone that regulates one’s menstrual cycle. This sudden decrease leads to several symptomatic effects that can affect one’s daily life. Symptoms include mental afflictions such as frequent mood swings, memory loss and concentration difficulties. Women may also experience sudden intense body temperature fluctuations of intense warmth or coldness. These fluctuations can be so intense that it disrupts the patients sleeping cycle. Furthermore, decrease estrogen levels can affect the female physiology by sudden weight gain or decrease libido.

Therefore, alternative treatment such as hormonal supplementation can be a suitable option to elevate many of the symptoms that is associated with individuals going through menopause.

Among hormones we use

for BHRT:

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